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            Company Credit
            Quality inspection
            Customer Message
              Water service pipe fittings
              Pumping station
              Fire fighting water supply fittings
              Well ring\Well cover

             Conceptual innovation:

             ¡ò The pursuit of excellence, beyond ego, so that the company always has great vitality;

             Mechanism innovation:

             ¡ò Being practical and realistic, daring to make breakthrough, taking advantage of an opportunity and advancing with the times. Timely adjust the enterprise organizational structure, management philosophy and management practices and improve work efficiency and effectiveness according to the market demand and technological changes.

             Product innovation:

             ¡ò Dedicate to the post and explore truths, be pioneering and enterprising, keep improving and create brand.

             Service innovation:

             ¡ò Customer-focused and sincerity-oriented, the service provided by xinye will create greater value for the customers, employees, enterprises and society, which will eventually have become the foundation of the work.

             Core competitiveness:

             ¡ò Establish and maintain our three comparative advantages including independent research and development, lean manufacture and credit operation;

            Cangzhou Xinye Casting Co., Ltd ¡¾All rights reserved¡¿
            Add:Industrial Area, Botou City, Hebei Province¡¡Tel:0317-8285109 8196983 5561967 8196691 8286863
            Fax:0317-8196983 8196691 ¡¡Post code:062150¡¡Website:www.ansonchung.com¡¡E-mail:yongxinzz@163.com¡¡Ite administration
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